BARA ; To create something from nothing (in Hebrew)

Bara is an exceptional retail platform that encompasses a physical store and a robust online presence. Its inception was driven by a visionary aspiration to establish a retail opportunity for like-minded fashion designers from New Zealand and around the globe.

Nestled on Queen Street in Auckland's esteemed CBD, within the prestigious Smith and Caughey's Department Store, Bara finds itself in the distinguished company of renowned established brands and international retailers. This strategically chosen location allows us to cater to a discerning audience that not only appreciates the essence of Bara but also understands the intrinsic value of the exclusive brands we meticulously curate.

At Bara, our store serves as a dynamic platform where local and international fashion designers and artisans converge, showcasing their creations side by side. This collaborative endeavour results in a proud display of diverse products and innovative designs. The majority of our designers are exclusively presented and retailed at Bara in the Southern Hemisphere region, providing a unique and unparalleled opportunity for you to experience collections that cannot be found elsewhere.

We cordially invite you to visit us and explore the distinctive offerings from these talented designers, while also taking part in our exciting events, releases, and gallery showings. It is our privilege to showcase fresh and independent designs from New Zealand, as well as introduce international brands that have yet to leave their mark in the country. Thus, it is Bara ; to create something from nothing.